7 Property Investment ‘Wrongs’ to Avoid Next Financial Year

Paul Wrigley from Ray White Toronto agrees with these 7 ‘Wrongs’ Property Investors should avoid! It is essential to get the right advice when growing your Investment Portfolio to avoid common mistakes.

Blogger: Troy Gunasekera, National Manager, The Property Club

Whilst a large number of Australians dream of having more than one investment property, many first-time investors tend to stop at one purchase, largely because of financial difficulty in keeping up with finance commitments, and in some circumstances are forced to sell or refinance their property.

Anyone looking to invest in property during the coming financial year needs to be mindful of the most common and easily avoidable mistakes people make.

Too many property investors make simple mistakes with their investments, and then don’t understand down the track why the journey is so difficult and why things go wrong.

Many investors would be much more successful if they took the time to learn about the market, sought solid, professional advice and developed the correct business mindset.

7 ‘wrongs’ property investors should avoid

For the right advice, contact Paul Wrigley and Ray White Toronto Property Management team. We can keep you up to date with the market trends and work on maximising your rental returns.

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